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Demogorgon's Instagram pics

Inspired by the need to improve my sculpting I decided to recreate a famous monster. I chose the Demogorgon from the series Stranger things. Deciding to spice things up I gave myself a twenty day limit to finish the project. I made the base mesh in blender using a human base mesh for the body, a sphere for the head, and the legs from one of my previous projects for the legs. I reshaped the base in Zbrush, and re-meshed again in Blender, when I was happy with the result. Did the high detail in Zbrush and the texturing in Substance painter. Created the animation rig in Blender using Rigify. Made some simple animations to test the rig and animation exporting via fbx. In the end I am pretty happy with the result although in the end I see a lot of things that could have been improved.